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H&B Dead Sea Kabbalah Herbs Soap


H&B Dead Sea Kabbalah Herbs Soap (100gr)

This Kabbalah Herbs Soap is based on thousand year recipes of Kabbalah and Maimonides scientific tests, who gave significantly importance to heal skin conditions with herbs. The difference is obvious after the first application. This handmade pure soap cleans, moisturizes and safeguards epidermis. The soap incorporates herbs, recognized for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, repair harmed skin tissue and heal the wounds. These herbs are very useful to treat varicose veins, fissures and hemorrhoids, eczema, bedsores, bites, dermatitis, seborrhea, at the same time is also good for a feminine hygiene. The soap consists of honey extract, eucalyptus oil, cocoa butter, calendula extract, virgin olive oil, bergamot ,natural Aloe Vera, Shea butter and nutritional vitamins A + E + D. You will see a very good results after regular use. This soap is recommended to everybody.

Directions for use: apply to entire body, leave for two minutes and rinse. Suitable for everyday use for the whole family.

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  • Manufactured by: H&B


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