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H&B Dead Sea Shower Gel & Shampoo for Men 780ml
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Air pollution and sun radiation cause the skin lack of moisture. Sea and hard water, stress, poor nutrition and misbalance cause the hair look fragile, thin and split. For all of these conditions, a new Shower Gel & Shampoo For Man in one product was created under unique and innovative formula. The aromatherapy basis helps to relax while bathing. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, aloe Vera and chamomile extract for relaxation, grape seed oil, Moroccan Aragan oil, Shea butter and nourishing papaya extract, sweet almond oil and antioxidant vitamin E. Daily use will keep your skin and hair protected against dryness and provide softness, a sense of cleanliness, sensual and stimulating smell. Directions for use: Spread the Shower Gel & Shampoo on wet skin and hair, making a rich foam and wash well with water. Warning: Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes, keep away from children, for external use only. 780ml
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