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PRIMERO-P Dead Sea Psoriasis Treatment
Product Code: PRIMERO-P Psoriasis Treatment


The best cream of its type in the world, rich in active ingredients, especially helpful for problematic skin and syndromes such as psoriasis, itchiness and scaly skin. Primero-P is very special cream produced by cold pressing, whereas the production of other cosmetic products involves a warming process. The cream contains 26 different kinds of Dead Sea minerals, renowned for being effective for the skin, helping rejuvenate skin cells, and healing many types of skin problems. It incorporates 29 different ingredients, including the following: tea tree oil, which does not irritate the skin, destroys germs and is effective in fighting external skin infections, cuts and burns. The preparation is very effective in treating skin problems. Nettle extract helps the secretion of uric acid from the body, has many benefits and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Aloe vera juice was used in ancient Egyptian times and was one of the most frequently used drugs in past centuries, healing wounds, infected skin, burns etc. Studies have shown that the use of 0.5% concentrate of aloe vera is effective against psoriasis. Calendula is one of the most wonderful plants in folk medicine and is described as the foremost first aid plant. It heals skin ulcers, eczemas, bedsores, insect bites and sunburn, helping to accelerate the healing of both chronic skin inflammation and festering wounds. Hamamelis contains a high concentrate of tannin, produces a protective covering on the mucosa or damaged tissue, reduces irritation and itchiness, and forms an impenetrable layer that prevents penetration of infectious or toxic elements. Instructions (for external use only): Wash infected areas carefully with soap and apply cream twice daily for 14 days. After that a considerable improvement should be apparent in the infected area. Certified by the Ministry of Health. Support provided by Aminolab which is certified by the European Union (EU). Made in Israel. Produced using s.m. natural ingredients for Rachel Dead Sea marketed exclusively by them. 250ml / 8.5 oz
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