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H&B Dead Sea Kabbalah Herbs Soap
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This Kabbalah Herbs Soap is based on thousand year recipes of Maimonides and Kabbalah research, to treat skin illnesses with herbs. The difference is visible after the first use of soap. This handmade natural soap cleans, moisturizes and defends pores and skin. The soap consists of herbs, known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities to restore destroyed pores and skin tissue and cure the wounds. These herbs are used in treatment for varicose veins, eczema, hemorrhoids and fissures, bedsores, bites and uses up, dermatitis, seborrhea, likewise as a female hygiene. The soap is made of eucalyptus oil, honey extract, calendula extract, virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, organic Aloe Vera, Shea butter, bergamot and vitamins A + E + D. After using regularly the result is guaranteed. This soap is recommended to the whole family. Instructions for use: lather all the entire body, leaver for two minutes and rinse thoroughly. 100gr
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