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Dead Sea Premier Premium Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment


Dead Sea Premier Premium Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment
12 Advanced Lifting Concentrated Cloth Masks
4 Bottles of Lifting Three-Dose Serum (50 ml each)
1 Lifting Cream Gel (60 ml)


For very quick results - one mask daily for 12 days, or as part of your skincare routine with a mask two times a week for six weeks.
1. After cleansing the face area, pour one third of the bottle (up until 1 or 2 accordingly) of the Lifting Serum into the empty round space inside the plastic container.
2. Open one Advanced Lifting Concentrated Cloth Mask, put it in the round space, and let it absorb the Lifting Serum.
3. Very carefully unfold the Cloth Mask and apply it to the lower part of the face (from the chin area to just directly below your eyes), after that, unfold it over the upper part of the face. Gently apply pressure on the mask, by using the tips of your fingers until its very well set on your face. Keep it on for 3 minutes.
4. Take off the Cloth Mask and massage the rest of the serum into your skin.
5. Use the Lifting Cream Gel every day.
6. Apply make-up or sun screen lotion as needed.

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