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H&B Dead Sea Muscle Relaxant Aromatic Butter
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This Muscle Relaxant Aromatic Butter is built according to thousand year recipes of Maimonides and Kabbalah studies. It is in line with the unique system which aims to relax muscle tissues right after lengthy physical activity. It also aids with muscle cramps, headaches, shoulders, back pain, releases neck muscles hips, stretching, sprains, joint discomfort, efficient with physiotherapy and improves blood stream. This butter is enriched with tea tree oil, eucalyptus, pepper oil, camphor and lavender oils, olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals. Very recommended for sportsmen and also to be taken for travel trips. Instructions: Use a generous layer and massage the painful places for 2-3 minutes. Wash your hands, avoid contacts with eyes, keep away from children. After treatment it is recommended to keep the area warm. 50gr
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